How to make money on Pinterest

How to Make Money on Pinterest

Did you know it is possible to make money on Pinterest? Pinterest is not just a platform for finding inspiration and ideas, it can also be an incredible source of income. With over 400 million active users, Pinterest offers a vast audience for businesses and individuals to promote their products and services. In this article, I will fill you in on various ways to make money on Pinterest and how you can tap into this potential revenue stream.

Why Pinterest is a Great Platform for Making Money

Pinterest is a visual search engine, making it a unique platform for businesses and individuals to showcase their products and services. Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest users are actively searching for ideas and products, making them more likely to make a purchase. Additionally, Pinterest has a high conversion rate, with 87% of users reporting that they have purchased something because of Pinterest. Pinterest is also incredible for organic traffic, and I get more traffic to my website from Pinterest than any other platform.

Pinterest Marketing Strategies

To start earning Pinterest Revenue, you need to have a solid marketing strategy in place. Here are some tips to help you get started with Pinterest monetization:
Create visually appealing pins: Pinterest is a visual platform, so it’s essential to have high-quality, eye-catching pins. Use high-resolution images and add text overlays to make your pins stand out.
Use keywords in your pins and boards: Pinterest is a search engine, so using relevant keywords in your pins and boards will help your content appear in search results.
Utilize Pinterest SEO: Similar to Google, Pinterest has its own SEO algorithm. Use keywords in your pin descriptions, board titles, and pin titles to improve your search ranking.
Join group boards: Group boards are a great way to reach a larger audience and increase the visibility of your pins. Join boards that are relevant to your niche and actively participate by sharing your pins and engaging with other users’ content.
Utilize Pinterest ads: Pinterest offers advertising options for businesses and individuals to promote their products and services. With targeted ads, you can reach a specific audience and increase your chances of making a sale.

Monetizing Your Pinterest Account

Now that you have a solid marketing strategy in place, it’s time to explore different ways to monetize your Pinterest account.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a popular way to make money on Pinterest. It involves promoting products or services and earning a commission for each sale made through your unique affiliate link. To get started with affiliate marketing on Pinterest, follow these steps:

  • Join an affiliate program: There are many affiliate programs available, such as Amazon Associates and LiketoKnowIt. Choose a program that aligns with your niche and has products or services that you can genuinely recommend to your followers.
  • Create pins with your Pinterest affiliate links: Once you have joined an affiliate program, create visually appealing pins that showcase the product or service you are promoting. Make sure to disclose that it is an affiliate link in your pin description, don’t shorten any of your links, and ensure the partner you’re working with allows affiliate links to be posted on Pinterest.

Selling Products or Services

If you have your own products or services, Pinterest is an excellent platform to showcase and sell them. Pinterest is incredible for e-commerce websites, as long as the pins are visually appealing. It can be great for Photographers, fashion retailers, and online coaches. If you sell anything online, Pinterest can help you boost your sales exponentially, but you need to really focus on these things:

  • Create visually appealing pins: As with affiliate marketing, it’s essential to have high-quality, eye-catching pins to promote your products or services.
  • Utilize Pinterest SEO: Use relevant keywords in your pin descriptions, board titles, and pin titles to improve your search ranking.
  • Utilize Pinterest ads: Pinterest ads can help you reach a target audience and increase your chances of making a sale.
  • Utilize Shoppable Product Pins: Buyable Pins allow users to purchase products directly from Pinterest, making it easier for them to make a purchase.

Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

If you have experience with Pinterest and social media marketing, you can offer your services as a Pinterest virtual assistant, like me! Many businesses and individuals are looking for help with managing their Pinterest accounts, creating pins, and implementing marketing strategies. You can offer your services on your own website or on freelance platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork or reach out to businesses directly. If you’re passionate about Pinterest, I highly recommend doing this. 

Create and Sell Printables

Printables are digital products that users can download and print at home. They are popular on Pinterest, and you can create and sell your own printables to make money. Some popular printables include planners, calendars, and wall art. Simply create your Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Choose a niche: Choose a niche that you are passionate about and create printables that align with that niche.
  • Create visually appealing printables: As with pins, it’s essential to have visually appealing printables to attract users.
  • Link your pins: Link your pins to the products on your website or on a Digital Product Marketplace such as Etsy or Mompass.


Pinterest offers a unique opportunity for businesses and individuals to make money. Pinterest monetization can happen through Pinterest affiliate marketing, selling products or services, or becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant. With a solid marketing strategy and utilizing various monetization methods, you can tap into the potential of Pinterest. So, what are you waiting for? Start implementing these tips and start making money on Pinterest today!

If you have an online business, I can help you make more money on Pinterest! Check out my Services, HERE.

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